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We are the premier website design and search engine optimization company in Columbus, Ohio. Our team is comprised largely of web designers, programmers, and marketing experts who were tired of working for someone else. Now each one owns a piece of the company they work so hard for. We employ no salesmen or receptionists. When you are dealing with us, you are speaking to the people who do the work and the people who own the company. Website Design Columbus brings over 80 years of information technology, web design, and marketing experience to every project. We have yet to fail a client. Every one of our clients’ websites are enjoying the benefits of a beautiful web design and first page exposure on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For every project, we perform detailed analysis and extensive research to ensure what our client wants is reasonable and achievable. We will not accept projects we don’t think we can master. When you hire Website Design Columbus, we sign a contract with you that clearly states what we must do to earn your satisfaction. If any of the terms are not met, Website Design Columbus will gladly issue a full refund. Every expert here is dedicated to the absolute success of one of your most important company assets – your website.