Aged Domains

Domain age has and effect on your search engine rankings

Domain Age

Many people don’t realize that the age of a domain plays a role in where the website ranks in search engines. By age we’re talking about how long the domain has been continually active. How big of a role age plays depends on a few things. Generally though, as your domain gets older search engines begin to trust you and will start to give a well optimized site more favor. As with all factors we’ll be discussing, domain age and domain names won’t matter much regardless how old or great the domain name, unless a professional web marketing firm is on the job. There’s not much you can do about domain age, your domain is how old it is. However, with a professional website design that is well targeted and highly optimized, it is possible to purchase a brand new domain name that ranks number one on google in about a month for it’s targeted key phrases. We know this because Website Design Columbus has done it.