Choosing Domain Names

Give thought to the domain you choose for your web site

Choosing A Domain Name

This is the first and most important thing to consider when designing a new website or optimizing and old one. Having key words in your domain name is not mandatory, however, results continue to prove that keyword rich domains are immediately seen as relevant by search engines for those keywords. Let’s start with an example. Your company makes really nice widgets. Your company name is Beyond Classy. You may want your domain name to be, and maybe it already is, but it might not the best choice. Why not? You have to ask yourself ‘how are people looking for my product or service’? The answer is they are looking for your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So the next question is ‘What are they typing in to find my product or service’?

In this example, we can assure you they are not typing in “beyond classy”, unless you are already a fixture in your market and have regional or national brand name recognition. Website Design Columbus will do the research to discover the best keywords that drive qualified buyers to your website. In this example, after doing the research, we find that more people are trying to find your widgets by typing in “unique widgets”. After these findings, although your company name is Beyond Classy, the best domain for your website might actually be This concept is lost on many business owners. It’s hard to convince older, established companies with deserved pride in their name, that to place better in the search engines and to sell more widgets, it’s better to use the domain name over

As with everything, there are exceptions. If you have name brand recognition or have had the same website online for a few years, there may be no need to change your domain name. Sometimes a compromise is all that’s needed. With the above example, maybe would go a long way to pleasing the the business owner and the search engines. At Website Design Columbus we’ll suggest every best practice we can, and implement as many as possible with your permission. We can achieve balance by working closely together and consistently working on improving the ROI on your website design and search engine optimization efforts.