Link Building

Link building will help your web marketing efforts

The Importance of Links

One of the many factors search engines use to rank a website is to analyze incoming, outgoing, and internal links. Great significance has been placed on building links between sites in recent years. It’s one way search engines try to determine how popular and trusted your website is in the online community. A link from website A to website B is seen as a sort of recommendation, and is made to convey trust that a site really is relevant for the words in the link text. It’s not unlike a popularity contest. Not all external links or links between different websites are helpful, in fact, some are harmful. It’s important to know where, when, and how to use links to build a successful website and online marketing campaign. Let Website Design Columbus take the guesswork out of link building.

Obtaining Links

As with domain age and available domain names, not every aspect of web design and marketing are within your control. Convincing other popular websites to link back to you, that aren’t competitors in your industry, but are topic related, takes hard work and research. It is absolutely a worthwhile effort though and we pursue it aggressively at Website Design Columbus. These links are often necessary to achieve the best results in highly competitive markets. As usual, there are exceptions. It is possible to rank very high, even number one, without any incoming links at all. We know because we’ve done it.