Meta Tags

Meta tags are still an important part of web development

Proper Use of Meta Tags

Meta tags are an important part of marketing your website. Meta Tags are simply lines of code that exist inside your web page that give information about your website to human visitors and search engines. What the tags say about your website can dramatically affect how your website ranks in the search engines. Meta Tags that are written correctly by professionals who have researched and understand your market, could be the difference in a website’s success or failure. Meta tags may only contain a few sentences and phrases and they must be worded just right to obtain maximum results.

Examples of Meta Tags

The title tag is considered the most important. It is the very first thing a search engine reads when it visits your website. It should contain the words that best define what that page is about. If you look at the top left corner of your browser you will see the title of this page. You can still find large, successful companies today with website page titles of ‘Untitled’. What do you think Google thinks their website is an authority on? Maybe the expert of all things untitled? A well written title will let everyone know who you are and what content the page offers.

The description tag offers a place to expand upon the title. It also functions as the brief synopsis of a website that you often see underneath website listings in some search engine results. The key is to be descriptive, more so than in the title, but avoid simply listing key phrases you’d like to rank high for.

The keywords tag is exactly where you list the key phrases you’d like to rank high for. You’ll hear people say that this tag is no longer important. Some go so far as to say it will harm your website to include it. Don’t believe that. The keywords tag is certainly not as important as it used to be, but that’s no reason to leave it out. If you adhere to the principle of only listing keywords on a page that actually use that keywords within the text of the page, you’ll be fine. Don’t overdo it, stick to a small number of key phrases in this tag.

Other Considerations When Working With Meta Tags

Spelling, grammar, length of phrases, and use of dashes and capital letters should be considered when writing Meta Tags. As with regular text that is visible on a web page, it’s better to have professionals like Website Design Columbus properly format your website’s meta tags to maximize your search engine optimization efforts. We understand that writing content and meta tags, and inserting them into your website is hardly rocket science. Yet it’s astounding the difference one errant space, misplaced dash, or uncapitalized word can make in your marketing efforts. Don’t let one silly mistake cost you any website visitors.