Using sitemaps help search engines navigate your website

Using Sitemaps

Sitemaps are just what they sound like. In their simplest form, sitemaps are files created to tell search engines and human visitors the names of your web pages and where they’re located. All major search engines encourage the use of sitemaps for proper indexing of your website. When you provide a list of pages for the search engines to read and index, you are making it easier for them to navigate your website. Instead of forcing a search engine to read all the text in your pages and eventually discover links to other pages, a sitemap provides a list of all your pages without forcing the search engine to find pages on it’s own. Different search engines have preferred file types in which they would like to see your sitemap coded. Website Design Columbus creates sitemaps in all formats recommended by major search engines. Adding a sitemap to your website is just another way to convince search engines your website is important, that you care about the details, and you are following all of the search engines’ own published recommendations. Click on the picture to the left to view our sitemap.