Using Images

Use images wisely in your web site design

Using Images Wisely

Selective use of images throughout a website can enhance the beauty of a design and help search engine rankings. Too many images can be confusing, take too long to load, and dilute your search engine optimization efforts. Website Design Columbus will analyze your content and page length to determine recommended uses for images. Images should always utilize alternative and title text. Title text not only helps people with disabilities to view your page, it also tells the search engines about the subject of your picture. If you position your mouse over any picture in this website, you will see an example of title text. With images, title, and alternative text that match the theme of your website, you can increase the relevancy of your website to search engines.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are a great way to increase the depth of your site. It also gives the casual browser an interactive reason to stay at your site. Designed correctly, a photo gallery can be used to bolster the relevance of specific key phrases you want your website to rank high for. Photo galleries can be broken up into individual pages with a paragraph or two on each picture. It’s easy to see how this technique can be used as a vehicle to add relevant pages and informative text to further your online marketing. Let Website Design Columbus build you an attractive photo gallery that adds value to your site.