Website Submissions

There is no need to manually submit your website to search engines

Submitting Your Website

Submitting a website is the act of asking a search engine to visit and index your website at it’s convenience. This is like taking a number in a long line at the BMV and waiting your turn. Submitting your website to search engines is a thing of the past and is totally unnecessary. There are special directories that must be submitted to and we do that. But, for the normal search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, there’s no reason to get in line and wait. If a company suggests you pay for mass search engine submitting or that their submission process is special because they do it by hand, run the other way, don’t walk.

Get Indexed Quickly

At Website Design Columbus, we have innovative and totally ethical methods of getting your website indexed quickly. There’s no extra fee involved either. We can even guarantee to get a brand new domain name and website indexed by Google in 48 hours. We’ve also been able to obtain first page results in less than 7 days. The best way to have search engines find your website is not by submitting, it’s by letting them find it on their own, naturally. We have a process that makes search engines think that they’ve found your website on their own. Don’t ever pay a company extra to be indexed quickly.