Website Validation

Website validation can avoid serious problems down the road

Validating Your Website

Websites are capable of appearing completely functional and perfect when viewed through a web browser like Internet Explorer, yet be riddled with code errors that could affect your search engine rankings. This phenomenon occurs because of the way web browsers can ignore certain errors that exist in code. Search engines however, do not look at your website the same way as Internet Explorer does. Validating your website’s code is the most fundamental form of quality control, and assures the code conforms to all known web design standards. Check out some of our competitors websites and see if they’ve taken the care to make sure their own website code validates. If they haven’t taken the time to create an error free design for their company website, why would they do it for yours? Website Design Columbus guarantees to deliver valid, error-free, search engine optimized code every time.

Spell Checking

It’s something we take for granted because it’s such an easy thing to do these days. Almost every program has a built in spell checker. So it should be easy to assume that every word in your website is spelled correctly right? Wrong! After writing text, uploading text, changing text on pages, and creating new pages, words will get misspelled and somehow slip through. When you think you’ve checked every page for misspelled words – check it again with a spell checker, then read it again yourself. Misspellings of important words can negatively impact your website optimization. We triple check all of our work for correct spelling.

Checking for Dead Links

A dead link is a link that points to an invalid or nonexistent web page. When a dead link is clicked, the user is generally taken to a default error page explaining that the page they are trying to access does not exist. Dead links do not impress search engines. A simple misspelling in the code, not the visible text of the website that a spell checker can check, is often the cause of dead links. Checking every link on every page of a website is just another step in creating an error-free website that performs flawlessly. Website Design Columbus will ensure your website never has dead links.